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Lost At Sea - Page 1

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You are on a yacht, floating in the South Pacific Ocean.


A fire breaks out in the galley (kitchen), and the crew and officers go downstairs to tend to it.  They never return.


The boat begins sinking. 


You must:

1- Grab the items listed on the board, before the boat sinks

2- Escape on a life raft (teacher will assign you)

3- Everyone receives: 

  • A book of matches
  • A package of cigarettes
  • Five (5) $1 bills

4- INDIVIDUALLY rank, in survival order, the 15 items on the list (Lost at Sea supplies - ALPHABETICAL ORDER.docx )

5- When instructed, work with your team to rank the15 items in survival order

6-  Answer question set 1

  • Who is on your team (what are their names)?
  • Where are they from?
  • What is their ethnicity?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is their native language?
  • Do they have other important characteristics that are relevant to this exercise?

7- Answer question set 2 (the answers are listed below; you can also download them from this link: Lost at Sea - most valuable, least valuable, overboard.docx)

a- Who is most valuable member? Why?

b- Who is the least valuable member? Why?

c- Whom will you throw overboard? Why?

d-Other comments?


8- Score your answers and those of your team, and compare them -see LostAtSeaAnswers.doc.


9- Answer question set 3 (to be given to you) - see Lost at Sea - most valuable, least valuable, overboard -change your mind.docx

10 - Read Moran Chapter 3: Negotiation and conflict resolution skills

11- Complete the Lost at Sea - question set 4 (CONFIDENTIAL)

  1. Describe the group dynamic with regard to decision-making, conflicts, teamwork
  2. Did you observe any conformance(s) with the negotiation/conflict resolution styles described in Moran Chapter 3, with regard to culture?
  3. Did you observe any departure(s) from the negotiation/conflict resolution styles described in Moran Chapter 3, with regard to culture?
  4. How would you describe YOUR negotiation/conflict resolution style?
  5. Take the Emotional Intelligence self-assessment at http://www.ihhp.com/free-eq-quiz/ – report your scores
  6. Are you surprised? Explain
  7. Do you desire to improve your Emotional Intelligence? Explain





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